Ever feel like a deer-in-headlights? This is Preventing Deer In Headlights. (PDIH)

Commercial: New classes: CASP – LAB ONLY

PDIH TOPIC:  TOPIC and Question.

What cool tools software and hardware tools do I want for next year’s projects? Every year around this time I get the shopping catalogs and it makes me think… Please tell me what you discovered this year so I can ask the Festivus monster to place it under the unadorned aluminum pole.

What tools did you discover this year that you cannot live without?

Please tell me in email or come to our discussion tonight ready to share. The coolest tool as voted on by all of us at the meeting will win a real PRIZE.


  • Wifipineapple to do a wireless assessment
  • Meraki MX67W 450 Mb of throughput
  • Logitech’s camera BRIO – 4K
  • Blue Raspberry Premium Mobile USB


  • Maltego – for social network pen testing
  • Wordfence – WAF for moodle
  • GNS3 – virtual network testing platform
  • Royal TSX – comprehensive remote access environment

My cybersecurity life is a lot better with these tools. What did you find this year?

    This is what we will talk about on Thursday. Come be a part of cybersecurity. Don’t be a deer-in-headlights.

    Can’t make it?

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    I hope you attend – it will be fun.

    Commercial–  CASP all labs starts Monday November 24, 2018 ; 12 sessions- starting with Linux and ending with the Version 3 CASP labs. Price is $1499. If you attend PDIH today get your $500 off coupon.

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    Winner for best tool was https://www.guardicore.com/


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