VMLT yearly access account



Free CPE’s are still possible, we are asking you to pay for tracking CPE’s by us as of the end of 2019. If you attend CPE events more than 11 times per year you will get a free Starbucks gift card to offset this fee.

Starting the last day of 2019 this policy will be enforced.

3 Years of access is included with every class. We maintain your CPE records when we migrate to new systems. We must either delete those records after a period of time or have you pay for us to maintain them. These records have no value to the managing CPE organizations after 24 months but there is an expectation for Expanding Security to keep these records for you. If you abandon your account based upon the details below it will be purged from the system on or about December 31 of each year.

Second year after class your account will be disabled.

Third year after class your account will be removed unless thisĀ  subscription is purchase.