Another New Cloud Certification?

Before we get started

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CCSP new to ISC Cloud Certification

I know ISC2 or CSA told you about this if you were at RSA. But if you missed it, here we go. With the proliferation of cloud certifications, ISC is jumping into the game. Since everything is being shoved into the cloud, we might want to learn a little cloud. We might need to prove we know the cloud from a security perspective.

Real cloud, real fun!

We will talk about the CCSP this Thursday night 6:30PM CEN for 30 minutes. (see below)

OOPS! 3 Certifications with the same name

Overlap was bound to happen with over 2300 different information technology certifications as of today.  This time it is a BIG overlap. CISCO’s CCSP is about security also. There is a third certification in the medical industry. I think this might muddle the marketing message for ISC because CISCO has much more market power. For those of you following along from a legal perspective, ISC cannot claim a strong trademark.

What name might be better?

  • Certified Safety Professionals (CSP)
  • SolarWinds Certified Professional (SCP)
  • Certified Cloud Computing Security Professional (CCCSP)

What is different about this CCSP?

Not much. The exam outline combines most of the CSA and CompTIA material and sprinkles in the ISC management topics. The point of choosing the CCSP will be the value of it as it grows. I don’t know if it IS more valuable, but I bet you it will show up on the resume blender / headhunter sites as a “must have” by July 22.

What about the other cloud certifications?

There are a lot. Last count 20 vendors with 87 certifications. There are a bunch of top 10 lists out there. I chose the following before the cloud certification market glut:

  • CSA’s Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge is a Certificate not a certification. Pure security; great test.
  • EXIN Cloud computing foundations: European organization using this as a way to blend ITIL.
  • CompTIA Cloud Essentials: basic simple cloud concepts.

The Exam

150 questions with 25 seed questions in 4 hours. I am scheduling my exam for the earliest possible date: July 23. Look for my post on that date to see if I am crying or flying high. If I fail I will be sad to light $549 on fire.

What should you read to prepare?

Gosh there are soooo many great books. From where we sit, there are two different reading lists. The core 500 pages are from: ENISA, NIST, and CSA. These documents will give you a great foundation.

I went one step further: I picked the top 100 texts for AFTER the class and offer you access to all those books. I think this alone is worth the price of our course. It is really difficult to know it all.  You need a resource that is updated as new content comes out when you prepare for the next business cloud challenge problem. When I was in school we had math problems, not math challenges.

What should you do to prepare?

Get to the cloud, start setting things up and serving up content. My favorite activity when I taught Cloud last time was when we set up a free cloud server. This time around we are going to set up a few different providers and have the servers and clients talk to each other.

Our CCCSP course is three 4 for the price of one.

I taught these certifications ( not CCSP) as one course for the first time two years ago. This way we cover a more complete understanding of the concepts and make it about the learning — not just the exams. If you take it seriously we can offer you a plan to get the following certifications:

  • ISC’s CCSP
  • EXIN Cloud computing foundations
  • CompTIA Cloud Essentials
  • CSA’s CCSK


Real cloud, real fun! We will talk about the CCSP this Thursday night 6:30PM CEN for 30 minutes. To be invited, send me an email

We are ready for the CISSP 2015 exam, are you?

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