Syllabus CISSP Orientation

Welcome!  Please read entire message using the scroll bar. We will go over each item together during orientation:  We have found that a one-hour tour around the virtual campus makes everyone feel better. The CISSP can be started any week as long as you have a clear understanding of what and where your resources sit.

Before our first meeting you need to understand some of the logistics and concepts- this will take 5-10 minutes. You will need your login to view the following. Please look at the following links: There will be a level set quiz, discussion, threats & controls, a case study, and a final quiz.

We start with a conference call, login to the room, test connections, give an overview, and end up with your first assignment.

00. How to study

  • We have a plan. That plan takes most of the study methods into account. Adults forget how to study or have bad habits. Change your habits now. For details click here.

01. Conference call:

  • Call in: 1.800.977.8002 ( U.S and Canada) PIN #46279358
    • International 1.404.920.6650
  • *6 to mute and unmute your phone When on the concall, please mute your computer.

02. Login to the room

  • If you are registered, use the same email address for your registration.
  • You should have been sent an email from for  resetting your password.
  • Check your spam filters.
  • If you have the URL and no password information, choose  ‘Guest’ and login using your first and last name.
  • Click here Orientation classroom for scheduled Live Online Orientation meeting

03. Test connections

04. Track your progress

Download Excel tracking sheet once and fill it in each week: CISSP ISSAP

05. CISSP  / ISSAP / ISSMP Case study overview docs- Please read this before orientation

This is what we do on the first day.

You will need the ability to download adobe pdf files. If you are having problems. Look here first.


06. First assignment.

You need to know where you are starting. Your instructor needs to know. This exam, the in-exam assessment, and the scoring communicates a great deal in a short period of time. This will take two hours. When you have completed this you may begin working on your assignments for the week.

If you need to know how the quiz interface works for regular Quiz MP4 version-11MB  Quick time version 40MB

07. Download the files to your local drive.

You must have the PDF plugin / viewer  installed for any of this to work. We support Safari, Firefox,and IE  (Adobe doesn’t support Chrome- that means we cannot. If you choose to use Chrome you are on your own)

The next step is dependent on your browser setup: (Let your instructor know which one you use in orientation)

  • For IE, you will get an in browser tool bar. The second icon is a save option.
  • For Firefox, if you have not set a default action- you can choose (open with) or (save)
  • For Safari on Apple dependent on your browser setup you will either get the download window (you need to manage the file from the downloads folder) OR an in-browser pdf (move your cursor to the bottom-center of the screen in the pdf that you are viewing it will show a save icon)

08. copy both links below to notepad

  • Pretest 129 part 1-
  • Pretest 129 part 2-

09. To take the pretest via the recording link above, Close this Adobe Acrobat Connect session window. Open a new browser window and copy the link above. This is a timed exam with 45 seconds per question. Both parts will take about 90 minutes. Remember to evaluate each of your answers as you go with 1,2,?

10. Score your exam and record in the excel tracking sheet from above #4.

11. Do a reading and comp test here. you should have a Speed # in WPM and a Comprehension # in %.

12. Put that data in the excel sheet.

13. Send this excel sheet to your instructor.

Sidebar on whole excel tracking sheet process

Look at this video for a walk-through.

7-13 Steps When you complete your 129 quiz, total and fill in and save. Send instructor a copy.

The issue is that you cannot do it all perfectly but, you can track what you do and what you DO NOT do. Let’s walk thru the whole week just in the excel sheets:

a. You have a quiz on your weekly syllabus Step 03. Predomain quiz, it gets done before you do any domain work. Do it correct it, fill in your WEEKLY sheet for the domain.

b. You have a quiz each day if you come to class we always do 1-10 at the beginning, 11-15 may either get done in class or if not the recording from #14 it is labeled last quiz 11-15. You click, you bubble, you 1/2/?, you see your grade and what you got wrong.

c. At the end of quiz 1-15, go to the Excel class tab find the F## that matches everything else, fill in your 6 numbers, and any other tracking details that you have data on.

d. So now you have a sheet at the end of the week that has data for the domain, send a copy to the instructor each week when you have filled it out.

If you miss an activity or class, this is when the sheet REALLY needs to be filled in, for you. Let’s say you do half the reading. Mark it down, let it go, move on to the next subject. When you get a black out week (when there is no class) go back and ask yourself ? What did I miss? What did I not do? You can only know that information later if you point it out NOW by recording on the sheet.

14. Start the weekly process next- you will have questions, we do want to answer them.

15. Least crappy answer: This presentation should be reviewed after you have completed your Pretest.  You cannot have any  other acrobat pro windows open.

16. This is the recording of this orientation for your later review:

You cannot have any  other acrobat pro windows open.

17. Please keep the calendar link handy. Every Monday shows the syllabus for that week’s Domain as link. You will see all the assignments for each class that week.  You can find these links and class schedule in the following location: (every event is a clickable link; the syllabus is always available)

18. This is a scientific explanation of class interaction, why you care, and what you should do. Click Here

19. If you need CISSP exam details Click Here.

20. To help you focus and concentrate there is an iPhone/iPad app that changes your brain waves. It puts you in the mood to study/ concentrate/ memorize.  $2.99 at itunes store

21. To help you read faster Rapid reader Pro works on PDF files you can try it for 30 days free. My reading speed went from 250 WPM to 600 WPM.

22. How does ISMH relate to each reading?

  • The ISMH is the license to the online readings.
  • The F## are the extracted PDFs from ISMH that you must read to follow the plan.
  • These reading are the perfect 1100 pages from the 7000.
  • You never need to open the CD for the course.
  • After the course this book becomes your main resource.

23. How should you use mind maps?

You must read them first see how terms and topics are associated, add your words as you go along,  turn it into a metal image of the story of “F## topic.” It becomes an image that you associate with a thought, a subject. There is no manual memorization.

If you have never see a paint brush, how do you know what it is called or what it does to the canvas? If you do not know the word’s or definitions you cannot see how they fit together. When you look at a painting do you memorize the brush strokes? No, but you look at them and appreciate the story that they all tell together.

23.   If you want a list of all the weekly syllabi:

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