Mentoring and teaching are not the same activity. When you attend a mentoring session you have done the initial transfer of knowledge. You are ready to practice under live fire, but not ready to either take your real exam or work with the tools in a real environment.

The goal of a mentor is to limit your mistakes and narrow your further study so that you are ready for the real world or your exam. You should not be practicing on your customers. You should not fail your exam.

Why should you take a mentor session?

  • It will reduce your study time by a 3 to 1 ratio.
  • It will increase your first time pass-rate by 50%.
  • It will put you under stress that you cannot feel in a classroom environment.

Here are the activities:

  • General Q&A- you get to ask whatever you need, we weave it into the meeting.
  • Live fire quiz- you know if you know the topic after this.
  • Command Line Interface- not  the lab but the logic of the commands
  • Exam strategies- attack this like your life depended on it.

Soon we will have video of each part.

Here is 5 minutes of video of what the exam interface looks like, with my comments.

Mapping of course to mentor activities.

Enroll here.