Get the best CISSP, ISSMP, ISSAP, and CEH Certified Ethical Hacker live online training available anywhere.

Live Online classes are convenient, informative and fun.  The online program includes plenty of quiz questions, reading assignments, case studies and discussion to get prepped for your exam.  Access to all materials is easy; your account login gets you every syllabus, reading assignment, lab details, and the class recordings if you have to miss.  Every class is highly interactive.

You are invited to schedule an appointment with the Lead Instructor to discuss your options and goals:

Our CEH Live Online classes offer the best opportunity to practice your labs in a safe environment, engaging and pointed discussion, presentations, quizzes, all laid out on a step by step live interaction designed by the lead instructor who has more than 15 security certifications and more than 12 years in the information security industry, including pen testing and risk assessment.  Under our instructions, everything you need for an ethical approach to pen testing and security is available.  We put all the necessary tools at your fingertips and make it easy.  The Online class lays everything out in doable chunks.  You meet us online two times a week for ten weeks, with ample time in between class to read, study, and do labs.  Our students’ feedback is they love the fun, relaxed atmosphere.

You get what no one else gives: Our template for a world class penetration testing setup. We build a robust attack lab with three attackers, one listener, and three victims. Having a system that just sits there with no client server activity is crap; you might as well hack a punching bag.  Our way, you do the pen test like you would if it were on live systems. But we protect your live enterprise by working in a virtual enclosed bubble. The mission is more than the exam or the class.

This hands-on class offered by Expanding Security uses both Backtrack 4R2 and the OWASP WTE with three levels of labs: You may be great at Windows hacking, she is great at databases, he is great at something you have never heard of before. Our labs are designed to push the candidate forward to their next level and benefit from each other’s strengths.

We offer any delivery format. For example, one weekend with pre-class prepwork, or a 2-week intensive with lecture and lab 4 hours before or after work, or a 10-week Live Online class. Tell us what your goals are:  We get it done.  For everyone who has followed our plan, they have passed.

Learn the tools of the trade: Webscarab, Wireshark, Metasploit, Snort, and at least 20 other tools for penetration.

Most labs for pen testing don’t give you a production environment in the safety of a virtualized operating system.  We custom build victims and attackers to suit your environment without risk to your production network.  When you have finished these labs, you’ll have a perfect penetration testing suite.  No other course gets you ready for the real world like we do.

Our CISSP Live Online classes give you the best program available.  This course and program offers the highest pass rate in the industry.

Follow our plan and win.


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