As many of you know who come to our classes, I work hard and play hard. The pocket protector project is the play hard part.

I originally hung out at a place called Bainsville electronics which is where I found my parts for my home built/ hacked together projects. It was a serious hobby store for people who built their own radios, televisions, and computers. They printed 100,000 pocket protectors and have been giving them out since they opened in 1954.  They did not give them to everyone, just geeky guys and gals that had pen stains on their shirts. That would be me.  I watched them try to give them away, begging people to take one, mostly in vain. That is when my dream of helping bring back the pocket protector first began.

Credit where credit is due: For my 40th birthday my wife had a surprise party. The theme was big-fat-geek. I showed up to find 30 friends in my house all wearing hand stenciled pocket protectors. That was the was the real start of the pocket-protector-project or p-cubed.

Most of the people I know don’t think they need a pocket protector, but if someone who doesn’t need a mint pulls out mints and offers you one, they might be looking out for you. The world needs kind people who look out for each other. That would be where you come in. By proudly wearing yours, you make it OK for others to wear a pocket protector.

When I go to trade shows or teach on security, I see many companies handing out pens. As a security person, I see this as a threat to the availability and integrity of a clean shirt – an accident waiting to happen. I have been offering pocket protectors to people for years now to protect against this threat.

To that end, I am offering to send anyone a pocket protector who doesn’t already have one. I ask in return:

  • Take a picture with the pocket protector in.
  • Send it to me, via email.
  • Be kind and offer yours to someone who might need it.
  • Show them this page so they can know they are not alone.

Sidebar- I know ladies might not want or have a front pocket and the pocket protector might mess up their style. A back pocket is acceptable place for a pen but, not for a pen stain. Sitting on pens increases the chance of a stain– Ladies you need a pocket protector!

Help make it safe for us to be who and what we are… geeky people who make the world of computers and security work.

Thanks for playing!

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