Priority support is offered in the following order:

  1. Current Full-Program online
  2. Face-to-face students
  3. Mentorees
  4. Iphone app customers
  5. Free on the web customers

If you are contacting us from Free on the web, yes we will respond.  We always give back to the community, but time is limited so please be patient.

Each application and program above has its own custom email address. You will receive these as a part of your welcome email. Registered users will be automatically white listed from our spam catchers.

If you would like to post your comments or questions here, please allow for a 48-hour response time.

If you prefer email, please know that you will receive a automated message from spamarrest asking you to white list yourself. Once you click the link in the email message, you will be temporarily white listed and your original message will be sent on to us.

Send to freesupport aT expandingsecurity DoT com

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