Cybersecurity for email is getting better?


I am whining, crying, and stomping my feet about how bad cyber security is.  Last week Google publish some really great information about what’s going on email security. That’s not to say that Spam is going away anytime soon but, we have a fighting chance.

These are the main topics for Wednesday night


What you doin?

Take a look at these four core protocols and see if any of these are implemented in your organization. One of   the reasons why we changed providers recently was to get more of these protocols in place.

  • DKIM
  • SPF

How you doin?

I really like the Google transparency report on what domains are safer. ( the link is below) It tells us a lot about who we should trust. So when we asked the question, we’ve got good data to back it up.

What else can you do?

  • Spam Traps
  • Global Volume data
  • Message composition data
  • Complaint reports
  • Compromised Host lists
  • Domain Blacklists
  • Safelists

If you like to talk about this more we will see you at 6:15 PM Central time on Wednesday @


Class start dates

CISSP – December 5

Cloud Security – December 12

PMP – December 12

Incident Response – December 5

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