You have several choices in training: Our Live Online, Customized on location at  a convenient facility in your city, Customized on location at your worksite, training in Austin, Texas and now our LIN Direct, mobile learning app available on the Ipad.

Up to now, online training choices have been almost worthless, because it was either a prerecorded PowerPoint voiceover or it had no timely interaction.  With our Live Online courses, everything you do will be as synchronous as possible when you are online. You will be able to voice your questions, hear what other students have to say, and be driven to your highest potential.

On Location choices have not been much better either, up to now; Here is a slide- Here is a comment – Next slide.  Blah blah blah — hey, when’s lunch?

For all learning environments, you want someone to challenge you, to push you beyond your comfort zone. You want to learn, have fun, and meet your deadlines.

And that is what Expanding Security does best.  We find out where you are and where you want to be.  We listen.  We analyze and design a strategy that gets you where you really want to go.  And we guide you in an encouraging way that’s fun.

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