Here are some tips for your preparation:

  1. Schedule your exam now for weeks in the future, there is nothing like a deadline to get things done.
  2. If you can, enroll in Live Online, review Self Study assignments and plan with Instructor.
  3. Download the preparation sheet for the candidate web site.
  4. Know the rules of the exam, what you can bring, what you cannot.
  5. Build your own outline, flash cards, and study materials.
  6. Be early for your exam to get the lay of the land.
  7. Find a study partner with the same drive as you.
  8. Get all the free study material first, and then start paying.
  9. Talk to someone who has passed and take notes.
  10. Talk to someone who has failed and take more notes.
  11. Pick a training provider who cares.
  12. Don’t believe anyone who says certification exams require no preparation, just experience.

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