We’ll cut to the chase.  We believe the questions to keep in mind are these:

1 Q. What is my deadline for certification?

2 Q. Can I afford to fail the exam?

3 Q. How much preparation have I had?

1 A. If you have the time, our online classes are the way to focus on one of the ten domains per week for the CISSP for example.  You get the reading and study assignments in easy, digestible chunks.  You get the quiz questions in the one-hour live online class with time to ask questions.  You get the time and opportunity to review the recording of that class topic.  You get office hours for help on anything you need.  You get a diagnostic exam and direction from the instructor for your areas to strengthen before you walk into that exam.  This is the tried and true, step by step program that offers a 99% first time pass rate.

If you do not have time for the online courses, our face to face classes give you the best content and techniques training available anywhere, with the highest pass rate.  We make it easier on you by giving you advance assignments whenever appropriate and doable.  The earlier you enroll and tell us your needs and deadlines, the easier we can make it a success for you.  You will receive more individualized attention from our instructors than from any other program.

2 A. If you simply cannot afford to fail, the best solution is a combination online PLUS a 6-day or 5-day Boot Camp.  This gives you the overall straight study for an exam. The online offers one-hour class chunks, time to digest, ask questions, reading is small, easy pieces, recordings are available, tons of quiz questions.  Then you can take the Boot camp at anytime in conjunction with the online classes.  People like to take them at the end as more of a review, but other have taken it before the online as an overall prep and then review more easily in the live online class where they had questions.  We off fantastic discounts for this online/combo approach that is the easiest way to succeed.

3 A. If you have not prepared very much at all for your exam certification, we can give you a study plan BEFORE you attend our Boot Camp or online classes. This way, you can get the most out of your time spent at Boot Camp and online class and be in the best possible condition to take your exam with ease.

The bottom line is the sooner we have your needs and deadlines and goals, the more time we have to make this a success with the greates amount of elegance and ease for you.  No one will work harder than we do at helping you pass your certification.  No one.

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