Our 99 Percent Pass Rate

Our CISSP pass rate is your pass rate, if you do what many others have done before you. With over 400 students who will gladly talk to you about training the correct way, you will know the program, follow the program, and you will pass.

A few years ago someone said, “Another training organization gives us a guarantee, that if we don’t pass we get to come back to class. ”

OK, we’d like you come back anytime and you are welcome to, but we want you to pass your exam the first time.  When you follow the step by step program covering the vast material that is the CISSP, you have time to really learn to think like a CISSP and absorb the concepts. If you take our CISSP Live Online course, pay with no discounts, and simply follow the plan, we will pay for you to resit the exam if you don’t pass it.  But we think you will.  Our course has been vetted by more than 350 successful candidates.  Be one of them.

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