PDIH – 18:15 CEN. You and me talking about not hiring blackhats?


Last week was a miss for Preventing Deer-in-headlights. I hope you can come this week.


Now that it is over the recording is here

Remember we need CPE’s to keep up those certifications.

Last week the FBI publicly announced that they were hiring “Blackhats” to fix their  iPhone cracking problem. I think this is an inappropriate activity because it rewards bad behavior or at least continues to fund bad behavior. If you can’t make any money off of hacking you won’t do it.

This brings us around to the real discussion which is the professionalization of cyber security.

This is perfect timing for us because everybody who knows nothing about cyber security is trying to regulate foreign legislate the very thing that they know nothing about. Attorneys, Congresspeople, lawmakers a really good at creating consequences and limitations on behavior. Well they’re only good at it when most people are following the rules. Well they’re only good at it when they can actually impose their will on people in their country. No Russian citizen is afraid of the US Congress person. So they will hack their way to fame and fortune.

If Congresspeople legislate back doors or law enforcement access to keys (LEAK) hackers won’t use those tools.

If cyber security were a profession like attorneys or accountants then Congresspeople or the FBI would know where to go to get help.

NICCS is that a place to get professionalization started.

Will I see you tonight- 6:15 Central? If you can’t make it when you tell a friend?

…with freedom responsibility responsibility and security for all!



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