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These mindmaps are updated the most frequently to reflect changes in the domains and relevant topics for the CISSP exam. Since we control the printing and shipping directly you get the most relevant and up to date version from this site. Amazon editions are about one month behind.

These copies are the only signed version unless you meet Dean Bushmiller.


What are mindmaps?

The most effective and compact study plan for passing the CISSP exam. You use them to separate and define the topics into digestible chunks. One image on one topic that you enhance to make the subject YOURS!  This is all about how the topic stays in your head when you are sitting in a room facing the exam alone.

Your teacher, book, video, cram sheet can be the most organized or best in the world but, if you do not make the subject yours – you are going to take the exam again and again.

  • Mindmaps put you in control.
  • Our Mindmaps tell you where you are lacking.
  • Our Mindmaps give you a plan.
  • Mindmaps + Wikipedia + Quizzer = Self-study CISSP
  • Videos @

BLUEPRINT for passing?

You get more than a mindmap for each of the 52 topics. You get  a left side of the 11×17 sheet that is an outline area for covering those recurring topics like: Life-cycle, Threats & Controls, steps, mnemonics, and capstone events.

Every Domain with key concepts you must know are strategically grouped and laid out for easier learning, study, and retrieval.  CISSP MindMaps bring the essential CISSP material to life for organized recall and understanding.

Use your MindMaps with reading, lectures and classes to compile all your data in one place. Consolidate your study resources: readings, videos, websites and notes into a single, unified set of images that convey all the material. As you encounter new data, grow your CISSP MindMap.

Dean Bushmiller is a leader of cybersecurity subject matter experts. He builds training and study tools for easier, efficient learning of complex topics.

He has been teaching cybersecurity online every day since 2007. He has over 400 hours of recorded cybersecurity training on Vimeo. The outlets for his training include: SANS, FED-VTE, Software Engineering Institute – Carnegie Mellon University, ISC2, I.T.U., The TrainingCamp, community colleges, VMLT, Cisco and Expanding Security.

Though Dean is non-military, he has had the honor to train the U.S. military since 1999. In recognition for outstanding service in the Information Assurance field, he has received 7 mission coins.

Please visit our companion website for videos on the mindmaps: Blueprint for passing

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