Rename of newsletter & Operations Backup Class

Hi everyone!

It is another year and time to start thinking about your CPE’s. So come to class tonight see the link below.

We are going to take about two things tonight in class.

1.Cloud backup solutions

Yes we are talking about Enterprise tools and  SoHo for the cloud. We talk about some new backup tools from the cloud. Oh and let’s talk about your old backup tools.

SpiderOak, Boxcryto, and everything else under the sun… well um under the cloud.

2. Renaming of the newsletter

My web guy said, ” Ah yeah the name of your newsletter is catching in peoples mail filters”  So I guess my cool name and thought just is not cutting it for some of you.

Here are the domain names I own so lets start here:

  • LeastCrappyAnswer
  • CISSPTopics
  • DefenseAgainstTheDarkArts ( I was in a Harry Potter mood.)
  • WeekOfSecurity

So come to class and vote on the new name and get one more CPE. If you cannot make it give me your vote via email.

Data Backup and Control
Jan 28th 2014 18:00 CST U.S.

When you click the link type your name and email. Smile and have some fun.

…with Freedom, Responsibility, and Security for All.

Dean Bushmiller

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