We take away the usual headaches that come with necessary compliance.   We relieve scheduling issues that pop up and deliver to your staff without grinding their department to a halt.   With our multiple delivery options, your staff can get vital information they need and keep the workflow moving.

Live Online classes are only one-hour long, and most courses runs 10 weeks.  All assignments and reading materials are available online for each candidate, wherever they can access the internet.

Custom onsite training: we offer the best scheduling plan available anywhere.  We do what no one else does: we set up the usual 5-Day course into a 10- Day program that meets according to your schedule, either in the morning or at night and saves the rest of the day to take care of business.

Our training costs are competitive, and we offer the best pricing for onsite or online volume anywhere.

Following our CISSP online plan comes with a guarantee pass: if any candidate follows the CISSP online program and enrolled with no discounts and they do not pass the exam, we will pay for the CISSP retest.  We give them peace of mind – we don’t leave anyone hanging; we’ll stay with them until they succeed.

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