Work with us and get your clients what they need.  It is easy; your sales activities are all tracked automatically through your account on our website.

We have the highest pass rate of any training company.  Our expert course content and innovative teaching methods are proven. We offer more flexibility, more success, and more support for our candidates than any other training company.

Make your own account with us for easy sales tracking.

Then have your interested clients simply logon to our website through you.

It is that easy.

We look at the complex training enterprise in four areas.  All are necessary and vital to the candidate’s success:

Sales –  Admin – Content – Delivery –

Sales and Reseller:  Educating people about our products and matching their needs.

We realize without you there is no us.

All sales leads are tracked through our website online.  You are in control of how much money you make.  You receive a fair and reasonable commission.  What you think is reasonable is what you get.

If your clients need a custom training, we can arrange it to suit their training goals.  We have the most delivery options at your service with price points that meet your customers’ needs.

Your job is to connect the dots – We’ve lined them all up.

Reseller Executive Summary

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